Chef Paul Delios

Chef Paul Delios mixes Greek and American ingredients.

Favorite ingredient: Olive Oil.
Favorite Greek dish: Greek salad.










Chef Paul Delios mixes Greek and American ingredients.

Transcript: [Chef Delios] My name is Paul Delios, my dad is from the island of Chios, my mom is from the island of Mytilene, and I am a greek american living here in Boston.

One of my favourite foods we had always [in Boston] in the summer was Greek salad; we had fresh tomatoes from our garden, and cucumbers and peppers, vegetables that my dad had grown. Then we would get the olive oil that my papa would send over from Greece and a little bit of feta cheese, just scramble that on the top, add a couple of olives, and it was all a wonderful experience.

As far as I am concerned, there is no better olive oil that Greek olive oil. It has got the fruitiness to it, it has got low acidity levels, and it makes a healthy balance on the palate when you are eating Greek food, or any food for that matter, even if you are having some simple American dishes.

Basically, what I like to do is take Greek food and American food and kind of marry the ingredients together so that I can come up with dishes that are Greek, but also utilise the American ingredients that we have available. [This is because] we all know that in order to cook Greek, one should use fresh, local ingredients, and these should be the best ingredients that you can get your hands on. So, for example, the best olive oil would be the olive oil that I get from Greece; the feta cheese would be the feta cheese that we are getting from Greece, as well as some of the honeys.

I want to thank you; I am Paul Delios, a Greek-American chef here in Boston, and all I want to say is: “eat Greek!”.