Wine expert Fotios Stamos

Wine expert Fotios Stamos explains why he loves Greek wine.

Favorite red wine: Agiorgitiko.
Favorite white wine: Wine of Santorini.










Wine expert Fotios Stamos explains why he loves Greek wine.

Transcript: [Fotios Stamos] There is a handful of regions and appellations of Greece that I am a personal fan off. My favorite part of all is Nemea. The noble grape of Nemea is "Agiorgitiko" and I am a big fan of "Agiorgitiko"; I love "Agiorgitiko" in its natural state. No aging, no oak aging, I like it nice and fresh once it is ready to be drunk is when I enjoy it, it has a lot of vibrancy, a lot of fruit, and it gives off its true identity, like "this is Agiorgitiko".

My second favorite appellation is Naousa, it is in the northwestern part of Greece, and there is a grape that they produce called "xinomauro". To me, "xinomauro" is a grape that most people would compare to today's Pinot Noir. But I am a big fan of it, it is a lean red wine, it has got a lot of spice and savor to it.

From white wines, I am a big fan of Santorini. Santorini has the most unique wine growing region in any part of a world. It sits on a volcanic island, volcanic soil, you cannot get any wine anywhere in the world that tastes like that, or gives of aromas that Santorini's wine do. Those three appellations are my favorite, but each region has its own varieties, its own character, so you can appreciate the different wines that come from the different regions.

I am Fotis Stamos, I am a wine expert, and I love Greek wine.