Governor Michael Dukakis

Former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis explains why he loves Greek food.

Favorite ingredient: Oregano.
Favorite Greek dish: Plaki fish.

Governor Michael Dukakis explains why he loves Greek food.

Transcript: [Governor Dukakis] As you can imagine, I love Greek food. An American should love Greek food, because there is nothing like it.

Greek olive oil is the best olive oil in the world. I do not say that as a proud Greek-American, it just is. In fact, there are other countries that take Greek olive oil and kind of mix it with theirs to make it better. But if you want the best olive oil produced anywhere, from olives from trees that have been around for hundreds of years, you want Greek olive oil.

My favorite Greek ingredient is what we call in Greek "rigani", and what you guys call "oregano". It is a wonderful herb. I do not care what you are cooking - fish, meat - having oregano available is a terrific thing, my grandkid's favorite dish which I cook is what we call "yaya's spaghetti" because there is oregano in that spaghetti. And when you are cooking spaghetti, in that spaghetti sauce, toss some oregano in it - toss some Greek oregano in it. It really makes a great difference. 

I do not think Americans eat enough Greek-style fish. I grew up on "plaki", I make it, it is wonderful. And you toss everything in there; you want tomatoes, you want olives, you want peppers, and oregano, you know, you have your fish drowning in this stuff and it is wonderful.

This is wonderful food and it is healthy food. I mean, I am eighty, and I am still going strong, so, the same thing can happen to you.

I am Mike Dukakis, the former governor of Massachusetts, and I love Greek food.