Chef and Cookbook Author Diane Kochilas

Diane Kochilas, author of Greek recipe books, talks about Greek cuisine. 










Diane Kochilas promotes regional Greek cheeses.

Transcript: [Chef and Cookbook Author Diane Kochilas]

I am Diana Kochilas, I am Greek American from New York, and from the island of Ikaria. I am a cookbook author and a Chef, and I do all sort of things around Greek food. I have devoted my life into promoting the cuisine. I also host a TV show in Greece.

I love the cheeses, especially the more unusual cheeses. Everybody knows "feta", but there are 65 or 70 Greek regional cheeses. Some of the nicest ones for my palate come from the islands; very simple goat's milk cheeses.

I also love seafood, and that is a big product as well for export, that is now becoming more and more available in the United States. The farmed fish is something that is becoming more and more available.

Probably my all-time favorite thing to eat in Greece is really good tomato - very simple, good tomato - great salt; I sometimes harvest my own salt in Icaria. I did this for the first time this past summer; tomato, coarse sea salt, olive oil, and sour-dough country bread. These are flavors that you just can't beat.

I am Diane Kochilas, and I love to eat Greek.